If you search only with Google then you miss A LOT!!!! About 95%!


General Search Engines:

Name Language
Baidu Chinese, Japanese
Bing Multilingual
DuckDuckGo Multilingual
Exalead Multilingual
Gigablast English
Google Multilingual
Munax Multilingual
Qwant Multilingual
Sogou Chinese
Soso.com Chinese
Yahoo! Multilingual
Yandex Multilingual
Youdao Chinese

P2P search engines

Name Language
FAROO English
Seeks (Open Source) – Linux English
YaCy (Free and fully decentralized) -Windows/Linux/OS X Multilingual

Metasearch engines

Name Language
Blingo English
Yippy (formerly Clusty) English
DeeperWeb – Google English
Dogpile English
Excite English
HotBot English
Info.com English
Ixquick (StartPage) Multilingual
Kayak and SideStep Multilingual
Mamma  English
Metacrawler English
Mobissimo Multilingual-Travel related
Zoeken English
PCH Search and Win  English
Skyscanner Multilingual-Travel related
WebCrawler English

Geographically limited scope

Name Language Country
Accoona Chinese, English China, United States
Ansearch English Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand
Biglobe Japanese Japan
Daum Korean Korea
Egerin Kurdish Kurdistan
Goo Japanese Japan
Leit.is Iceland
Maktoob Arab World – Bought and Owned by YAHOO
Zapmeta.hk  English International
Najdi.si Slovenia
Naver Korean Korea
Sogou  Chinese China
Rambler  Russian Russia
Rediff  English India
SAPO Portugal, Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique
Search.ch Switzerland
Seznam Czech Republic
Walla! Israel
Yandex.ru Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan


Search Engine Name Description Speciality
Sophia Search Limited Specialises in auto-tagging of content for semantic search and discovery search engine
Evi Specialises in knowledge base and semantic search answer engine
Yummly Semantic web search engine for food, cooking and recipes food related
Swoogle Searching over 10,000 ontologies Semantic web ontologies. Indexes over 4 million semantic web documents.


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